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AiRocks Pro Products

Note: The AiRocks Pro system is currently certified for use only in the USA and Canada.

For Mobile Sound Production


The ARX-1900 is designed for Mobile Sound Production companies to be used in concerts, festivals, parades, air shows, sporting events, and any other outdoor (or indoor) event that requires a temporary installation. Its long list of pro-audio features, such as standard balanced XLR input/output connectors, 500 msec variable delay (per hop), DC power input, 2-channel stereo operation, and road-ready, weather-resistant aluminum chassis, makes it the perfect choice for the mobile audio production engineer.

It is truly "Road-Ready Radio"!

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The STARX Transceiver
For Permanent Installations

The STARX Transceiver is designed for Permanent Installations (Installed Sound) which require constant, prolonged exposure to the elements such as downtown districts, zoos or parks, outdoor arenas, or a large campus. The STARX Transceiver comes in the same rugged cast aluminum chassis as the ARX-1900, but does not have XLR interfaces and is fully weather proof. The same "repeater" architecture and performance are designed into the STARX Transceiver, and it can utilize the same, powerful USB-connected network management system as the ARX-1900. The STARX Transceiver operates on 12VDC, can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted, and can operate over temperature ranges from -40C to +85C.

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Indoor Unit for STARX Transceiver

The STARX Indoor Unit (IDU) is a breakout box for the STARX Transceiver that provides physical interfaces for Audio (3.5mm stereo jack), DC power (5.5mm DC power connector from included AC adapter), and USB for the Network Management System. The IDU is typically used during initial configuration but can be removed if the NMS is not used on an ongoing basis.

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AiRocks PRO Breakout Box


The AiRocks PRO BOB is a Breakout Box for ARX-1900. Typically used with the Master unit, the BOB allows you to mount the ARX-1900 radio high on a pole or truss and bring all of the connectors down to the ground via a CAT5 shielded cable. The AiRocks PRO BOB provides a USB interface for your laptop connection and includes the Network Management Software for PC. The AiRocks PRO BOB is also compatible with the STARX Transceiver and provides PRO Audio interfaces for installed systems if needed.

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USB Extender and Configuration Tool


USB Extender is designed primarily for STARX Transceiver configuration and control. It is the functional equivalent to the ARX-900-BOB but in a much smaller (2.5" x 1.5 "x .75") plastic case. Includes audio input/output connector (1/8"), and DC power input connector (5.5mm x 2.1mm) so that radio can be powered by external AC/DC wall adapter. Also includes A USB interface for laptop connection for the Network Management System application. The USB interface powers an internal 5V to 12V boost converter that provides power to the STARX Transceiver so that no external AC power is required. This particularly helpful during initial installation and network debugging. The ARX-USBEXT includes the AiRocks Pro Network Management Software.

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