Innovations in Pro-Audio Wireless Technology

AiRocks Technology Overview


An AiRocks Pro network consists of a single Master and one or more Relay units. Each AiRocks Pro unit can be configured to operate either as the network “Master” unit or as a “Relay” unit (all AiRocks Pro units are identical and include the same hardware and software).

PMP Sub-net

In an AiRocks Pro network, each AiRocks Pro Relay unit receives an audio transmission from a single “upstream” unit, and then re-transmits that same signal to one or more downstream units. Thus, each AiRocks Pro unit creates its own point-to-multipoint sub-network. The input to each sub-network is the signal received by the single uplink AiRocks Pro unit.

Therefore, an AiRocks Pro network is a group of one or more sub networks all of which emanate from a single network Master. Networks can be as simple as one Master unit and one Relay unit in a point-to-point configuration, or as complex as 100 units with multiple “branches” and “sub-networks”.

If there is a failure of one of the upstream AiRocks Pro units, the downstream units automatically begin scanning for any other AiRocks Pro transmission within range. If an acceptable signal is found, it then becomes the input signal for that sub-network, or any newly created sub-networks. Thus an automatic switchover is accomplished without the need for manual intervention.

Network Deployment

AiRocks Pro units are designed to be very simple to install . When initially powered up, an AiRocks Pro unit enters the Relay operating mode (unless it was previously configured as a Master unit) and begins scanning for an upstream signal. When a signal is found, the unit begins sending the received analog audio out to the connected speaker via an XLR connector. It also begins relaying the digital wireless signal, on a different frequency, to any downstream units within range. Front panel controls allow the installer to manually configure many of the operating parameters, as well as monitor several key functions such as received signal level, and audio level and activity.


Remote Spectrum Analyzer (RSA)

The AiRocks Pro system includes a Remote Spectrum Analyzer function that allows the user the scan the local RF environment of any remote unit and plot results of the scan on a Spectrum Analyzer graph in the NMS Relay Monitor Window. Thus, the network operator can keep track of any potential interference at any remote Relay location.

Powerful Network Management System

The AiRocks system includes a powerful Network Management System (NMS) which gives the user a broad array of tools for monitoring and controlling the network. NMS is built into every ARX-900 unit and provides a two-way control channel the gives the user a window into the detailed performance of any remote unit from one central location. Critical functions such as Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI or receive signal level), Packet Error Rate (PER), Remote Spectrum Analysis (RSA), Audio Level, Audio Delay, can all be monitored AND controlled from the NMS GUI screen.

License Free Operation

AiRocks Pro operates in the license-free 900MHz frequency band and includes fully automatic channel scanning and selection, so there is no need for complex frequency coordination or intermodulation calculations.

Specifications (ARX-900)

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