Innovations in Pro-Audio Wireless Technology

Network Management System

The AiRocks Network Management System (NMS) is a PC-based application that give the user a broad array of tools for configuring, operating, and diagnosing the AiRocks network.

NMS Welcome Screen (click to watch video)

The NMS connects via USB to the Master unit and communicates over the air with all Relay units in the network. The communications with the Relay units is bi-directional so that the NMS is able to monitor AND control each unit from a central location.

NMS System Setup Screen (click to watch video)

Master Mode Screen (click to watch video)

When a Relay unit “joins” the managed network it is assigned a unique Network ID. This allows the NMS to independently address each Relay unit to monitor its critical parameters (such as received signal strength, packet error rate, transmit power, audio level, etc.) and to control certain functions such as output volume or setting audio delay through the units. A network map gives the user a graphical representation of the network topology showing which Relay units are communicating with each other, and on which frequencies.

Relay Monitor Screen (click to watch video)

Once a Relay Monitor window has been opened, the network operator has full monitor and control capability over the remote Relay node.

Control functions include:

  • Audio output gain (volume)
  • Audio Delay (cumulative or non-cumulative delay through the node)
  • Node Registration
  • Transmit Channel
  • Transmit Power
  • Automatic Link Optimization (ALO)
  • Manual re-scanning of receive channel
  • Audio output connector type

Monitor functions include:

  • Network ID
  • Node description
  • GUID
  • Radio temperature
  • Downstream poll list
  • Transmit Channel
  • Transmit Power
  • Audio output level indicator
  • Audio Delay settings

Spectrum Analyzer (click to watch video)

The screen above shows the Spectrum Analyzer mode. Transmissions from the Master and any Relay units are shown in green. Interference is shown is red. The spectrum is divided into 10 discrete channels which are used by the ARX-900. The blue horizontal indicators show peak signal levels in the channel, while the white indicators show a 10 second average of the signal power in the channel. These indicators can be reset by pressing the “Reset Peaks” button in the upper left.



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