Innovations in Pro-Audio Wireless Technology

STARX Transceiver for Indoor/Outdoor Installed Sound

The STARX Transceiver is a multi-hop transceiver that has been designed to endure the harsh ourdoor environments of permanent installations. Unlike the ARX-1900, which is "weather resistant" and designed for temporary outdoor sound production events, the STARX Transceiver is designed to provide years of reliable outdoor operation. The STARX Transceiver includes all of the advanced features of the ARX-1900, including multi-hop repeater architecture, powerful network management system, and remote mounting options.

The STARX Transceiver Kit includes the accessories shown below: AC/DC adapter, 3.5mm audio cable, breakout Y-cable (for audio in/out and DC power), and a short (6") RJ45 interface cable . If needed, a much longer customer-provided Cat5 interconnect cable can be used to connect the outdoor transceiver to the optional STARX Indoor Unit. This cable can be up to 150' long when used with the IDU for USB connections to the STARX transceiver, or over 200' if used only for DC power and audio.

The diagram below is a typical remote (receive) setup with no USB connection. The Cat5 interconnect cable allows the transceiver to be mounted in an outdoor location to achieve better line of sight and RF propagation.

The figure below illustrates the STARX Transceiver configuration when using the STARX Indoor Unit (IDU) for configuration and control. This is a typical Master transmitter configuration.

"Multi_hop" Repeater

Multi-Hop Audio

The STARX Transceiver is a "multi-hop" wireless audio radios designed to cover a large outdoor area, such as a zoo, a park, a downtown district, or a large campus. Based on its novel “repeater” technology, STARX Transceiver can easily surpass the coverage area of traditional wireless audio products (see Technology page for more details). Every STARX Transceiver unit can be configured as either the main transmitter (Master) or receiver/repeater (Relay). There is nothing else like it on the market.

License-free 900MHz Spectrum

STARX Transceiver utilizes the un-crowded license-free 900MHz spectrum. No more frequency coordination or dodging TV stations! This band is "non-line-of-sight" and penetrates walls, trees, people and other obstructions that can severly limit the range of higher frequency devices, such as those that operate at 2.4GHz or 5GHz. The STARX Transceiver system can be used at distances of over 1000 feet with standard antennas under ideal conditions (400 - 600 feet practical range in a crowded venue), and up to 2000 feet (ideal) with optional directional antennas. It has also been tested in an arena environment where it penetrated several concrete walls and rows of arena seating, and a large convention center with thousands of attendees.

Mounting Options

Feature Rich

The AiRocks Pro includes all of the features that pro-audio engineers demand:

  • Balanced or un-balanced, line-level audio input and output.
  • Rugged, cast aluminum weatherproof enclosure.
  • Transmit power of +22dbm.
  • Automatic Channel Scanning (TX & RX)
  • DC powered with (customer provided) +12VDC at < 2 watts.
  • Powerful and extensive Network Management System PC-based application.
  • Flexible installation alternatives including 150'- >200' remote mounting option.



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