Innovations in Pro-Audio Wireless Technology

April 28, 2015


(Atlanta, GA) AirNetix announces the AiRocks Pro ARX-910 for outdoor or indoor permanent commercial installations. The new made-in-USA model ARX-910 is housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure and designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Like its predecessor the ARX-900, the new model ARX-910 features a unique multi-hop repeater network architecture, industry leading transmit power specs, high quality 2-channel stereo, and rock solid 900MHz wireless RF coverage to powered loudspeakers or amp racks.

The new ARX-910 repeater allows the system integrator to provide extended coverage for a large area without having to revert to high power amplifiers and high gain point-to-point antennas. Each repeater receives an RF signal from its uplink unit, and then re-transmits, or re-broadcasts that same RF signal to downlink units within range. The received signal is converted to analog audio and sent to an attached powered speaker. These multi-hop links can be concatenated to extend coverage for hundreds of feet in any direction from the audio source. This is especially effective in hard to cover areas such as sections of a downtown district, a zoo or park, a large campus, across or around obstacles such as building or rivers. When paired with powered speakers, the ARX-910 can provide a comprehensive, real-time audio relay system with industry leading wireless coverage.

The ARX-910 uses the same Network Management System as its predecessor, which includes a suite of powerful monitor and control functions to aid in installation and troubleshooting. This includes the ability to monitor the receive signal at each remote unit from a central PC, as well as control output volume, add audio delay, and even perform spectrum analysis at a remote site. A future version of the ARX-910 will include relay contact closure outputs for controlling devices such as audio amplifiers.

AiRocks Pro operates in the unlicensed, uncrowded 900MHz radio band, which gives the audio engineer or system integrator the freedom and flexibility to utilize the system virtually anywhere in the US and Canada, without the burden of dealing with licensing or frequency coordination issues.

The ARX-910 is the second product of the AiRocks Pro family. The previously announced ARX-900 is designed for the mobile sound production professional for use in concerts, festivals, parades, sporting events, and other temporary installations. The performance and architecture of both systems are identical.

The new ARX-910 is targeted for initial shipments in July 2015 with a street price of $650 per radio.

AirNetix will be demonstrating the AiRocks Pro system at the upcoming InfoComm 2015 trade show in Orlando, FL June 17-19 in Booth #102.



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