Innovations in Pro-Audio Wireless Technology

April 28, 2015


(Atlanta, GA) AirNetix announced the release of the AiRocks Pro, a revolutionary multi-hop repeater system designed to transmit wireless audio to powered loudspeakers. The made-in-USA AiRocks Pro system was developed specifically for the pro-audio sound reinforcement market. Featuring unique multi-hop network architecture, industry leading transmit power specs, rugged weather resistant aluminum enclosure and easy setup, the AiRocks Pro provides high quality 2-channel stereo 900MHz wireless RF coverage to powered loudspeakers or amp racks. It is especially well suited for delay stack applications.

The AiRocks Pro excels in traditionally challenging venues such as concerts, festivals, golf tournaments, parades, air shows, auto races, and any other event that requires professional-quality sound to be distributed to loudspeakers over a wide area throughout all weather conditions. The 900 MHz band feature penetrates walls, trees, people and other obstructions that often limit higher frequency devices that operate at 2.4 GHz.

Alex Moran, owner of Spider Ranch Productions in South San Francisco, and beta-tester of new AirNetix products says “We have used the AiRocks Pro system in several of our more challenging venues and it performed flawlessly. The transmit range is well beyond any other product that we have tested, and the rugged aluminum enclosure makes it perfect for the hard knocks on the road. And since any radio can be configured as a transmitter or receiver, we are able to quickly reconfigure our RF link to and from the stage during a live event.”

AiRocks Pro includes many key features specifically designed for the mobile professional audio environment such as built-in variable 500 ms delay, 158-398 mW of effective transmitting power, range of over 1000 feet, XLR line-level audio input and output, a weather resistant aluminum outdoor enclosure, and an extensive AirNetix Network Management System that gives the audio engineer a large toolbox of real-time monitor and control functions. This includes the ability to monitor the receive signal at each remote unit from a central laptop, as well as control output volume, add audio delay, and even perform spectrum analysis at a remote site.

AiRocks Pro operates in the unlicensed, uncrowded 900MHz radio band, which gives the audio engineer the freedom and flexibility to utilize the system virtually anywhere in the US and Canada, without the burden of dealing with licensing or frequency coordination issues.

AirNetix will be demonstrating the AiRocks Pro system at the upcoming InfoComm 2015 trade show in Orlando, FL June 17-19 in Booth #102.

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