Innovations in Pro-Audio Wireless Technology

ARX-1900-BOB-Pro Breakout Box

The ARX-1900-BOB-Pro is an optional remote connector interface that duplicates audio interfaces and AC power connection, and provides a USB interface of the ARX-1900 repeater. The BOB also includes a +12VDC (battery) power input connector to facilitate field deployment when AC power may not yet be available. The BOB allows the ARX-1900 to be place up to 150 feet* away (i.e. on a pole to raise it above any obstructions in a venue to provide better line-of-site to other nodes). The interconnection between the ARX-1900 and the BOB-pro is a standard 8-conductor SHIELDED Ethernet cable. The main I/O connector is a Neutrik Ethercon (NE8FDV) which can accommodate standard RJ45 terminations or the Neutrik NE8MC Cable Connector Carrier, which provides a rugged termination for harsh environments.

The BOB-Pro can also be used on the remote end of the link as a balanced audio output connecton. It can also be used as an interface for the STARX Transcivers Products.



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